Organisational Transformation

The operating models of businesses often dynamically change but the organisation structures can be left behind. As a consequence there are invariably efficiency benefits which can be realised through organisational transformation. As an example, a company may have grown through acquisition but the constituent parts of the business typically operate as independent business units, only consolidated for the purposes of financial reporting. Here, considerable benefits can be accrued through centralising key back office functions and providing shared services across the business units.

Could your business benefit from IT Organisational Transformation? Try this link to find out.

Development Process Transformation using a hybrid Scrum Prince2 methodology

Agile development is loved by the development team and customers do benefit from the fresh approach to engagement but it does not have the delivery and control disciplines of Prince2.
If you want rapid development and on time delivery try the link below.

How to combine rapid development with assured delivery

Project or Programme Delivery

Prince2 is the UK proven standard for project delivery... and it does work.

However, it can result in excess bureaucracy and swamp your business in administration which will slow down delivery. The trick is to use the right parts of the framework in the right way so you get the control and delivery benefits and an efficient delivery.
Towers IT will assist in portfolio management, project initiation and delivery to ensure that projects are delivered to your satisfaction.
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eCommerce Site Creation

Are you a business with no web site, or could your business benefit from having an on-line channel?

Towers IT will assist you in evaluating the business case for an on-line presence and build for you a cost effective web site or complete eCommerce solution. Towers IT can match the solution to the business case and your budget by either using opensource solutions, typically PHP, mySQL, Zencart, to keep costs to a minimum or commercial software, typically microsoft .NET. To take a look here to see a real example of a base level eCommerce site created by Towers IT Professional Services please visit the following URL

Conversely are you a business with a basic website that needs tuning up or total redesign to boost revenue then we can help. As a starter to provide some information on website design principles, traffic acquisition and analysis take a look at these links:-

Website Design and Performance Analysis

Website Traffic Acquisition and Analysis

eCommerce Start-Up Business Value Creation

eCommerce business implementations can be good or bad... and you only generally here about the good ones! But for every success there are failures.

Towers IT will assist you in the business case evolution and tell you if the proposition is right or wrong. From there Towers IT will help you with the implementation framework and take things right through to business value creation.
To find out more on how to create a successful retail start-up try the link below.

How to succeed with a retail start-up

A practical approach to SEO driving traffic and conversions

Search Engine Optimisation is a must for any business website but it is a complex minefield and there are a lot of SEO companies who are promising the world and delivering nothing!

Developing the right approach with SEO is critical so you can get the right exposure for your website whether that is for brand exposure or most significantly to drive quality traffic to eCommerce sites to stimulate conversions and maximise sales. Here, Towers IT Services can advise on the best strategy to suit your business and further assist with the SEO work to feature high in the search rankings on Google and other search engines.

Some pointers on how to approach SEO

Principles of SEO and SEO Analysis

IT Sourcing Strategies

What is the right sourcing strategy for your organisation:-
  • All IT services provided in-house?
  • Outsourced IT service provision?
  • IT service provision from an off-shore partner?

The answer is not simple and can typically involve all 3.
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